WVU Core Arboretum Invasive Plant Control Volunteers

garlic mustard pullers 2
Native trees and spring ephemeral wildflowers like bluebells, trilliums, and larkspur in our old-growth forest are some of our most wonderful assets here at WVU Core Arboretum. Growing among our treasured native plants, however, are some invasive plant species. These invasive plant species, if not controlled, threaten the future of the native plants that many people come to the Arboretum to appreciate. Control typically involves removal of plants to keep invasive plant populations at a low, manageable level. We control several different plant species with volunteer efforts at the Arboretum, and volunteers are a big part of why the Arboretum is so beautiful! We will schedule several invasive plant removal efforts each spring.

Volunteers for invasive plant control efforts will meet at the Arboretum parking lot, and we will supply work gloves and all needed supplies. Volunteers should dress for the weather because we will be working outside the whole time. Volunteers should wear closed-toe shoes and long pants and clothes that they do not mind getting dirty. We will be walking through the woods, off-trail on hilly uneven terrain to reach the plants that we are trying to control. Please contact WVU Core Arboretum Director Zach Fowler, zfowler@mail.wvu.edu, with any questions.