WVU Core Arboretum Pawpaw Parties


Come to WVU Core Arboretum to taste pawpaws! 

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) is the largest fruit native to West Virginia. Pawpaws have a delicious tropical flavor that some describe as a combination of banana, mango, and pineapple and a smooth, creamy texture. Pawpaws ripen in autumn, and the Arboretum’s trees typically produce enough ripe fruit to gather and share sometime in September. 

To celebrate and share this delicious fruit that grows naturally in WV, WVU Core Arboretum hosts Pawpaw Parties every year. Even though pawpaws are fairly common, many people have never tasted a pawpaw, and we hope to change that! Pawpaw Parties are rather informal, but they have become a much-anticipated annual event at WVU Core Arboretum, and this will be our eighth year doing it! A table will be set up in the lawn area at the Arboretum, and all are welcome to stop by and try a pawpaw. Literature about pawpaws and how to grow the pawpaw seeds that will be left after trying the fruit will also be available. Depending on how long the pawpaw season lasts, we will try to host several Pawpaw Parties. Pay attention to the Calendar of Events section of this webpage and our social media pages for more details. Pawpaw Parties are free and open to all.

Also, on September 30, we are having the fifth annual WV Pawpaw Festival at the Arboretum! We are collaborating with Neal Peterson from Peterson Pawpaws and local chefs including Marion Ohlinger from Hill and Hollow to present pawpaws to the public in both fresh and prepared versions. We are also going to have live music, food trucks, and fun activities for all at the Pawpaw Festival. The Pawpaw Festival is also free and open to the public, and we hope to see you there!